To Sum Up The Assuring And Maintaining Quality In Clinical Education

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Assuring and maintaining quality in clinical education is a complex process involving multiple agencies, institutions and individuals. Policy and practice agendas in education and health emphasise the need for continuous monitoring, review and evaluation of all processes from management systems through to day to day teaching activities. Clinical teachers may be involved in a range of data gathering and evaluation activities and play a central role in gathering and using feedback from learners, peers and others to improve their teaching. The reflective teacher also uses opportunities for self-reflection and review to improve the quality of learning and teaching.For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

A. Quality assurance and evaluation activities are key to improving learning and teaching

B. Student feedback is central to improving quality, but is not the only method or indicator

C. Teachers can use a mix of formal survey questionnaires and informal feedback to improve teaching

D. Evaluation is part of the ‘plan – do – reflect – review’ cycle of the reflective practitioner

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