Importance Of Having SEO As A Marketing Strategy

It’s a new age; modern ways of working in every field is everybody’s approach. Similarly digital marketing has seen its growth since the last decade and took businesses to another level. When it comes to digital marketing there are lot of services. But search engine optimization, is usually overlooked by people. SEO is as important as the other marketing approaches are. In fact SEO is required before and after the website, blog or online store is live.

SEO is the process under which a website’s organic (natural) rank is increased or maintained, in such a way that it appears at a good position in search engine result page (SERP). For Digital Marketing Agency Check Vivid Digital  

SEO activities are divided into –

1. On Page Optimization

2. Off Page Optimization

1. On Page Optimization

On page optimization is about the process under which measures are taken to make changes inside your website, in order to increase the rank. Keywords important to your website are stuffed in title tag, image tag, Meta description and Meta keyword. The structure looks like-

<title> TITLE OF THE WEBPAGE </title>

<meta name = “description” content= “YOUR DESCRIPTION”/> <img src = “IMAGE PATH” alt=”IMAGE NAME” > <meta name=”keywords” content=” GOOD PERFORMING KEYWORDS” />

This is done in order to give the user the idea about the title of the content of the webpage. And through Meta description the user decides which search result to click on. So it is very crucial to choose the title and the description right because it is the first thing that appears to users after they enter their search terms.

Internal linking is also one other important part of on page SEO. It is one in which one link is connected and goes from one page to another in the some domain. Basically it is used for navigation in website and information hierarchy is generated to improve user’s experience. If done correctly then it has a right impact on indexing and further in ranking.

2. Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is the process under which the measures are taken outside the website in order to increase the position in search engine page result. Off page works regarding quality link building and back link earning . This will lead to increase in brand mentions, getting potential traffic which has also the conversion chances. And without links you won’t rank high on Google. For SEO Companies in London visit here

Off page SEO essentially focuses on external links, which are the ones which websites get from other websites, blogs, and clients. It is not any easy task. You need to have a good social presence and relation with your customers and other parties concerned. For instance, if a professional blogger mentions your website in the blog is a good sign for your business. Linking out drives a good traffic, this increases the credibility and goodwill of your website.

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