Why Do You Need A Tummy Tuck & What Are The Potential Risks Of A Procedure

Tummy Tuck

The ideal candidates are both women and men for this type of surgery. Women who usually get their skin and muscles stretched due to multiple pregnancies may find this surgery extremely useful.

A tummy tuck is also perfect for those people who used to be obese and who have managed to lose the extra weight but cannot get rid of the excess layers of skin that hang off of their bellies.

The Potential risks of a procedure are as follows :

There are particular risks can be life-threatening if not treated properly or in time. When making the crucial decision of undergoing this procedure, it is important to know whether the pros outweigh the cons. Therefore, all the patients are aptly and should rightly be informed of all the complications as well as potential risks.

A. Infections: infections are serious potential risks that can occur post an abdominoplasty, but may occur regularly. Infections can easily be treated with antibiotics or drainage.

B. Blood clots: to prevent this from happening, patients are always advised to move around as soon as possible post the surgery. To know more details on Tummy Tuck check Getreadyoregon

C. Heart attack or stroke & pulmonary embolism: these are rare complications, but can take place especially if blood clots form and travel to the brain, lung or the heart. Pulmonary embolism is a very serious risk post a tummy tuck surgery. This problem can rise within 3 weeks of surgery but can also make itself known within the first 72 hours post the surgery.

D. Skin Necrosis: this is a problem that may require another surgical procedure to repair it. This is done when the dead skin has to be replaced by a skin graft. Even though skin necrosis is a rare occurrence, smokers are more prone to develop this condition. Stopping the usage of nicotine is suggested for this very reason.

E. Collection of fluid: one of the most common problems that the patient could face would be collection of fluid underneath the skin after removal of the drains. A surgeon, in this situation, could aspirate the fluid with the help of a needle. The drainage could stop within a month and will not affect the results of a tummy tuck.

F. Scars: the scars that result from this surgery can be large and permanent. For this reason, the scars are usually placed under or close to the swimsuit line, so that it is perpetually hidden by clothes. It could take around a year until the scars flatten and happen to become lighter in colour.

G. Other risks: seroma, asymmetry, anaesthesia complications, poor wound healing, bleeding excessively, and even death on rare occasions have been observed.

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