Types Of Mediums & Channels In Digital Marketing


Gone are the days of analogous approaches. Fathoming and adopting a shift towards a more digital arrival has become paramount to survive in the current business world for the companies. The increased consumption of digital content on a daily basis is only a glimpse of the inevitable future replacement of all traditional forms of marketing.

Blogs, online video content and websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Pay Per Click (PPC), Display advertising, e-mail Marketing, Social Marketing and Mobile Marketing are the major key forms of digital marketing at present. Amidst dilemmas and doubts over why ‘Digital Marketing is the new black’,

The salient features that define its emergence are:

– the methods’ versatility and practicality in the current world

– the ease of tracking and regulating the consumer response rates

– the real-time measurement and analysis of the customer responses

– affordability over the traditional counterparts. Before one starts planning an effective digital marketing approach, the understanding of the different mediums of digital marketing becomes vital. For more info visit SEO Agency London.

Social Media Marketing

Social media tools and forms entice the sharing of opinions, participation in discussions and engaging with others in real time. Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogs and micro-blogging websites like Twitter, forums, wikis or open encyclopedias, content communities like Flickr and YouTube, and podcasts are all forms of social media.

Figuring out on how to go about things regarding the encouragement of user engagement becomes quite a challenge in this medium of digital marketing. One should be mentally prepared to digest the negative things about one’s own brand along with the positives taking the former as constructive criticism.

Reviewing, again and again, becomes extremely important before posting any comment, blog or content as forgiving social media blunders is not that easy and following social media, etiquettes can subdue the emergence of any such problems.

Display Advertising

This medium involves designing graphical advertisements and placing them next to content on e-mails, websites and instant messaging applications. The advertisements can be in the form of a text, images, audio or video clips, animation, or other interactive content.

The key in this medium is ensuring the relevance to what the people are looking for and keeping it intact as the success of a display advertising campaign is determined by calculating the number of clicks an advert receives given the number of times it was displayed to the consumer or made an impression on him/her.

Display advertising not only helps in the promotion of new products or services but it also helps in increasing the online presence. Moreover, display advertising can help drive leads and increase brand awareness too.For SEO Services London check iiitdm.in

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an effective way to gain new customers or improve relationships with the existing ones by targeting one’s products and services through e-mails. The economic feasibility of this medium is what gives itself an edge over the other mediums.

However, building a customer database and forming e-mails can be very time to consume. The right balance has to be found on the number of e-mails to be sent to avoid irking the customers making them marking the emails as spams.

Affiliate Marketing

In a layman’s language, affiliate marketing is when a person refers a potential customer to buy a product or service and it is bought over the recommendation, the former gets a commission over the recommendation. What gives this medium an edge is the mass coverage it can extract with no additional costs.

Diving into digital marketing without a concrete plan puts one’s entity in jeopardy. With the digital age at the global doorsteps and businesses failing to adapt to the new marketing, the climate is at a greater risk of going extinct sooner than later.

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