What Are The Benefit & Side Effects Of Skin Lightening Surgery

Skin lightening surgery

Skin lightening surgery is a cosmetic procedure that aims to treat the damaged tissues and reduce the concentration of melanin in the skin, resulting in a healthier and lighter skin tone. It usually involves the use of chemical substances and modern technology to achieve the desired results.

Skin lightening surgery is commonly done in a doctor’s clinic or an outpatient surgery center. If done correctly, this procedure can provide long-term results with low risks.

Benefits of Skin Lightening Surgery

People with the following skin conditions can benefit from skin lightening surgery:

Melasma or hyperpigmentation.

A condition caused by the excessive production of melanin in the skin, making the skin darker in color.

Vitiligo or hypopigmentation.

A condition caused by the lack of melanin in the skin, making it lighter in color and more sensitive to the sun.

​Fine lines and wrinkles

​Acne-prone skin

​Damaged skin due to age and overexposure to sun

​Acne scars and birthmarks

​Freckles and other unwanted spots

​Uneven skin tone and natural dark skin

However, while skin lightening surgery is considered one of the most effective treatments for treating your damaged skin, it’s still an invasive procedure that you should not take lightly. To know more details about Facial Rejuvenation visit Vci-india

Side Effects of Skin Lightening Surgery

Just like other forms of surgery, cosmetic skin surgery has its risks. Common side effects are the following:


It is possible that your skin may develop dark patches after the procedure since the surgery requires the removal of damaged skin, causing wound. But these symptoms will usually fade on their own after a few days or with the help of prescribed ointments and medications.

Bacterial infection.

This is also a common risk, but your doctor will usually recommend you to take antibiotics to treat and prevent infection from occurring.

Redness and swelling.

These conditions usually occur on almost every patient. They are normal and will go away after a days. However, some people may experience prolonged redness, depending on their skin type and the procedure used to treat their skin.

Bruising and scarring.

While these conditions are rare, they are still possible. Sometimes, they disappear on their own; but in severe cases, you will need to apply special creams prescribed by your surgeon to heal them faster.

Sensitivity to the sun.

After the procedure, your skin may also become more sensitive to the sun, so be sure to apply sunscreen all the time and as much as possible, avoid going out during the hottest period of the day.

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